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The Contractor Master Business Academy is an online learning platform for HVAC and home performance contractors brought to you by Build It Green and Advanced Home Upgrade.

Our courses will teach you proven, measurable techniques to grow your business. Personalized feedback ensures that you can implement what you learn can benefit your company directly.

Course Content

Quality Management   |    Home Performance Marketing   |   Sales & Operations

Quality Management Course
Instructor: John Tooley

Week 1: Introduction to Quality
Learn the foundational concepts associated with quality, the historical relevance, systems thinking, its relationship to people, blame, process, defects and how it impacts your company and its culture.

Week 2: Fundamentals of Quality
Create ownership, alignment and understanding for the common terms associated with quality. Establishing common language is a critical component to efficient and effective businesses.

Week 3: Costs of Quality
Explore the concepts, calculations and processes needed to understand the relationship between quality and cost prevention while creating a company focused on continual improvement and a culture that consistently prevents costs.

Week 4: Learning to Create Processes
Establish an understanding about the various types of processes, their interactions with inspection and how to keep mistakes from becoming defects.

Week 5: Value Creation and Market Approach
Understand that value is defined by the customer, value drives the market and without value creation there is only market push with no pull. Learn the economics of having customers pull your products and services into the market.

Week 6: Loyalty Leadership
A continuation on the understanding of value creation and market pull with a more in-depth focus on establishing a leadership style that creates customer advocates (aka, outside sales staff ) because of their higher level of satisfaction and loyalty.

About John Tooley
John is responsible for technical oversight and business development at Advanced Energy, training builders and contractors throughout the United States. Hailed as a visionary in energy efficiency and quality management, he has diagnosed and repaired or weatherized more than 10,000 homes. He is recognized for his contributions to many of the largest utility and building programs in the nation.

Questions about how the Contractor Business Academy works? Read our FAQ.

Home Performance Marketing Course
Instructor: Peter Troast

Week 1: How to Evaluate the Current State of Your Marketing
Learn how to objectively evaluate and go through the process of evaluating the current state of your marketing effort. What’s working, what’s not, and what approaches you can use to measure marketing performance.

Week 2: The Power of a Marketing Plan
Understand the process of marketing planning and, by following a provided template, begin to conduct the research and steps to building a solid, actionable, measurable marketing program.

Week 3: The Power of an Integrated Marketing Strategy
Integrated media marketing strategy; introduction to tactical options, marketing channels and how to assess them; Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and how to evaluate strategies on ROI; determine which channels are most pertinent to your market segments.

Week 4: Your Presence on the Web I—Your Website
Building your primary website for both search engines and people, SEO to improve organic traffic; authority and rankings; inbound marketing; keywords and how to use them; local and mobile search.

Week 5: Your Presence on the Web II—Social, Citations, and Reviews
Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Local (formerly Places); citations; reviews, and how all this affects the health of your primary site and the success of your overall marketing effort.

Week 6: Online Marketing and Advertising Tactics that Generate Leads
Online lead generation opportunities: pay-per-click advertising, re-targeting, banners, lead generation services; social media channels; advanced tactics, such as Facebook ads, custom audiences, lookalike audiences and email marketing. Develop a plan for email subscriber growth, and more.

About Peter Troast
Peter is Founder & CEO of Energy Circle, where he helps hundreds of contractors excel at marketing and business operations. He is an expert in marketing home performance, and takes a transparent approach to helping contractors. He is the 2015 recipient of the Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry.

Questions about how the Contractor Business Academy works? Read our FAQ.

Sales & Operations Course
Instructor: Mike Rogers

Week 1: Your Operating Plan as a Management Tool
Understand what an operating plan looks like and why it’s needed, key elements of the plan, KPI and metrics, review an example template.

Week 2: Connecting Your Marketing Plan to Operating Plans and Sales
Leads are good. Having a plan to generate leads is even better. Best? Making sure the plan is connected to your operating plan and your sales goals.

Week 3: Words and Deeds that Sell
Consultative-centered process, resources for a basic selling system, questions to help you understand customers’ needs, the in-homes sales process: opening, identifying needs, showing ability, closing.

Week 4: Consultative Sales
Using the lead form; qualifying and prioritizing the customer; techniques for maximizing the first touch, developing the pitch and avoiding jargon; preparing a customer for a sales visit; CRM overview.

Week 5: Audit Report and Proposal Best Practices
Communicating audit results and work scope to encourage and facilitate homeowner action drawing on behavioral psychology research, relating it back to home performance sales, and using examples of good (and not-so-good) reports.

Week 6: Handling Typical Buying Objections
Standard objections to energy efficiency jobs and overcoming them before they are raised; four-step objection handling process.

About Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers is the president of OmStout Consulting and a nationally recognized expert in residential energy efficiency. He has extensive experience in home performance contracting and is a frequent presenter at national conferences and meetings in the energy-efficiency, green building, and indoor air quality industries.

Questions about how the Contractor Business Academy works? Read our FAQ.

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