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Emily Beierle February 20, 2019

If you were unable to attend the Advanced Home Upgrade redesign Q&A sessions, or would like to view the sessions,...

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Advanced Home Upgrade Incentive Fuel Guide

Emily Beierle February 19, 2019

In order to clarify which measures are available in split territory, we’ve created a PDF of the incentive table with...

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New Incentive Structure April 1, 2019

Emily Beierle February 5, 2019

A Home Upgrade Program Change and Relaunch What will happen: The incentives offered by the Home Upgrade Program will change...

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Raters are Becoming… “Independent Building Analysts”

Emily Beierle January 14, 2019

A change to the Participating Rater Pathway What will happen:The Participating Raters pathway will have a new name: “Participating Independent...

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Thermostats: Set Points & Offers

Emily Beierle January 14, 2019

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to turn up the heat! Programmable Thermostat Set Points When modeling thermostat...

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Completed Costs in Projects

Emily Beierle January 10, 2019

Many of you have noticed that we’re asking for tighter reporting in the “Completed Costs” field when submitting jobs. Before...

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Advanced Home Upgrade Program Redesign Meeting

buildit_admin September 28, 2018

On September 20-21, we held two Advanced Home Upgrade Redesign Forums to unveil some changes to the program and discuss...

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Post-Install Monitoring with OpenEE

buildit_admin June 15, 2018

In order to build a more effective program, we are about to begin requiring post-install data sharing on all AHU...

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Advanced Technical Training is Eligible for BPI CEUs

Emily Beierle March 28, 2018

Our Advanced Technical training is now eligible for eight (8) hours of BPI Continuing Education units. Be sure to bring...

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Changes to Home Upgrade Training and Certification Requirements

Emily Beierle March 12, 2018

Update: Contractors can now have either a BPI Analyst on staff or use a Participating Rater; BPI Analysts must retake...

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