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Emily Beierle October 4, 2019

Our database updates are complete, and you may now upload jobs that have new measures or are utilizing the adaptability...

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#NiceWork Greiner – Achieving 15%-30% Air Sealing Target Reduction

Emily Beierle May 15, 2019

Through a visual inspection of the building envelope and ongoing blower door testing, BIG staff provided specific ‘good-better-best’ strategies for...

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Changes to Whole House Combustion Appliance Safety Test Procedure, NGAT Action Guidelines, and Make Safe Procedure

Emily Beierle March 11, 2019

What will happen: Whole House Combustion Appliance Safety Test Procedure, NGAT Action Guidelines, and Make Safe Procedure have changed for...

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Advanced Home Upgrade Incentive Fuel Guide

Emily Beierle February 19, 2019

In order to clarify which measures are available in split territory, we’ve created a PDF of the incentive table with...

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Thermostats: Set Points & Offers

Emily Beierle January 14, 2019

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to turn up the heat! Programmable Thermostat Set Points When modeling thermostat...

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10 Tips to Sail Through FQC and CIP

Emily Beierle January 3, 2018

Following these tips will help you spend less time on go-backs and remediating problems so you can spend more time...

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Cake Systems update for AHU Participants

Emily Beierle December 19, 2017

Earth Advantage (the developer/owner of CakeSystems versions 1.0-1.8) is discontinuing support for CakeSystems energy-modeling software as they have decided to...

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#NiceWork: Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

Emily Beierle September 8, 2017

When auditing residences in the Home Upgrade Program, participants must reference current standards (please refer to BPI-1100 (Section 8) and...

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#NiceWork: Venting Exhaust Appliances

Emily Beierle March 9, 2017

When installed properly, exhaust appliances (bathroom fans, dryers, kitchen range hoods, etc.) help remove excess moisture and pollutants within a...

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Winter Refrigerant Charge Verification for Final Permits

Donald Knapp February 28, 2017

To comply with SB 1414, Home Upgrade participating contractors must upload a copy of the signed-off permit after final inspection...

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