Changes to Home Upgrade Training and Certification Requirements

Update: Contractors can now have either a BPI Analyst on staff or use a Participating Rater; BPI Analysts must retake the Advanced Technical Training every two years.



Dear Participating Contractors and Raters,

With the Home Upgrade basic pathway being discontinued, the Advanced Home Upgrade pathway will become the primary program offering. Build It Green is working to help contractors transition their businesses to Advanced Home Upgrade, and to help Raters continue their participation as we evolve and scale the program. Our goal is to build a thriving market for home performance contracting; to achieve that goal, we must increase the number of providers who offer these services.

Participation Rule Change for BPI Analysts

Accommodating differing business sizes and models helps us scale. With this in mind, BIG and PG&E have adjusted the participation rules so that Advanced Home Upgrade contractors can either:

  1. Have a BPI Analyst on staff or
  2. Use a Participating Rater

Training Requirement Change

BIG is rolling out a more extensive training schedule to help contractors refresh their skills. We are working to build the most elite team of home performance contractors—like you!—in California, and this more extensive training schedule helps us get there.

This means that professionals who have not taken either Advanced Technical Training or Home Upgrade Core Training in 2016/2017 will need to retake it at some point in 2018.

This change is to ensure that the rigor and training that have made Advanced Home Upgrade successful continues as we expand our contractor pool. On-boarding and additional training are the two places where we can have the biggest impact, and we’ll be raising our standards and requirements in both areas.

Please review the chart for the updated training requirements–or click the image above to download a pdf version.

Upcoming Trainings: Mark Your Calendar

May 23-25  | Home Upgrade Core Training
June 18-20 | Home Upgrade Core Training
July 18-20  | Home Upgrade Core Training
Aug. 13-15 | Home Upgrade Core Training

March 14-15 | Home Energy Score Boot Camp (Santa Maria)

April 2-3 | Advanced Technical Training
May 7-8 | Advanced Technical Training
June 4-5 | Advanced Technical Training
July 9-10 | Advanced Technical Training
Sept. 17-18 | Advanced Technical Training

Coming soon: HPHI (High Performance HVAC Install) Training, Duct Leakage to Outside Testing Training

*Note: For contractors who live a considerable distance away from the Stockton training center, we will offer to move a Home Upgrade Core or Advanced Technical Training location if a group of 8 or more forms and will commit to one of the above dates in their area (for example, Bakersfield or Fresno).

Home Energy Score 2-Day Boot Camp | Santa Maria

Join us for a two-day boot camp to complete the online DOE Sim Training & Testing and score your first home with a mentor to become a qualified Home Energy Score Assessor.

Home Energy Score is a great way to enhance your business. You can supply customers with reliable home energy information to help them save money on energy costs and live more comfortably in their homes by becoming a Home Energy Score Assessor. We want to help you take the next steps in completing the Home Energy Score training and testing requirements.

Check your qualifications here:


Day 1- Classroom Training
When: Wednesday, March 14th | 8am-5pm
Classroom: Santa Maria Inn,  801 S Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454 (Kent Room)Day 2- Online Exam + Mentor AssessmentWhen: Thursday, March 15th | 8am-6pm
Classroom: Santa Maria Inn,  801 S Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454 (Kent Room)
Test House: TBD Santa Maria, CA

*Mentor Assessment | Must complete Sim Training to attend Mentor Assessment.

What to Expect

Day 1:

This full-day classroom computer training will prepare you to pass the DOE online simulation testing, which is required to offer the Home Energy Score. Led by a qualified mentor, we will begin the day with a simulation tutorial and walk you through completing a test house scenario. Mentors will also provide tips and tricks to completing the training and testing.

Day 2:

The morning classroom session run through the simulation tutorial and prepare you for taking the DOE online simulation test. The afternoon is comprised of a program mentor accompanying you on your first Home Energy Assessment. This will take approximately two hours and will count towards the mentoring requirements set forth by the program. Once you complete the Assessment, submit all required documentation and run the Score, you will be a qualified Home Energy Score Assessor!


Registration for the boot camp will close on Monday, March 12th. Cost to attend is $25, which includes lunch and refreshments on Day 1 and Day 2.

Cancellations / Refunds
View Build It Green’s Terms and Conditions 

What to bring:

Day 1

  • Laptop with wifi-capability (current version of Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari web-browsers recommended) and Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer, to run the Assessor Calculator
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer, to run the Assessor Calculator
  • Graph paper or notebook and pencil

Day 2

  • Tape Measure and/or Laser Measure
  • Graph paper or notebook and pencil
  • Clipboard
  • Digital Camera**
  • Calculator**

**Most cell phones have both

If you have any questions regarding the two-day boot camp training, please send an email to, or give us a call at (510) 285-6222.

home energy score

Home Energy Score Comes to Advanced Home Upgrade!

Build It Green is now an official partner with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to train and mentor Home Energy Score (HES) assessors. Home Energy Score training will be available to Participating Contractors in the Advanced Home Upgrade path starting in December 2017. There will be at least three, two-day boot-camp training sessions: one in 2017 and two more in early 2018.

What Is a Home Energy Score?

The Home Energy Score provides homeowners, buyers, and renters comparable and credible information about a home’s energy use. Like a miles-per-gallon rating for a car, the Home Energy Score uses a standard assessment of energy-related assets to easily compare a home’s energy use across the housing market.

How Is It Used?

Home Energy Score utilizes the data inputs from existing modeling software (OptiMiser and Snugg Pro) and uploads a portion of that information to DOE’s database for the calculation of a pre- or post-installation score. Obtaining a score takes as little as 15 minutes while doing an audit for Advanced Home Upgrade.

Who Can Provide the Score?

Home Energy Score will be available to all Advanced Home Upgrade contractors starting this month. Class registration will be $25 for the two-day boot camp.

Learn more about Home Energy Score here.

High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) Kicker

Interested in adding the High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) kicker to your Home Upgrade jobs? HPHI yields increased energy savings benefits and enhanced comfort for customers.

You can read more about the HPHI Initiative, watch Dan Perunko’s presentation, and apply for training on our website here.

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