Changes to Home Upgrade Training and Certification Requirements

Sara Zak March 12, 2018

Update: Contractors can now have either a BPI Analyst on staff or use a Participating Rater; BPI Analysts must retake the Advanced Technical Training every two years.



Dear Participating Contractors and Raters,

With the Home Upgrade basic pathway being discontinued, the Advanced Home Upgrade pathway will become the primary program offering. Build It Green is working to help contractors transition their businesses to Advanced Home Upgrade, and to help Raters continue their participation as we evolve and scale the program. Our goal is to build a thriving market for home performance contracting; to achieve that goal, we must increase the number of providers who offer these services.

Participation Rule Change for BPI Analysts

Accommodating differing business sizes and models helps us scale. With this in mind, BIG and PG&E have adjusted the participation rules so that Advanced Home Upgrade contractors can either:

  1. Have a BPI Analyst on staff or
  2. Use a Participating Rater

Training Requirement Change

BIG is rolling out a more extensive training schedule to help contractors refresh their skills. We are working to build the most elite team of home performance contractors—like you!—in California, and this more extensive training schedule helps us get there.

This means that professionals who have not taken either Advanced Technical Training or Home Upgrade Core Training in 2016/2017 will need to retake it at some point in 2018.

This change is to ensure that the rigor and training that have made Advanced Home Upgrade successful continues as we expand our contractor pool. On-boarding and additional training are the two places where we can have the biggest impact, and we’ll be raising our standards and requirements in both areas.

Please review the chart for the updated training requirements–or click the image above to download a pdf version.

Upcoming Trainings: Mark Your Calendar

May 23-25  | Home Upgrade Core Training
June 18-20 | Home Upgrade Core Training
July 18-20  | Home Upgrade Core Training
Aug. 13-15 | Home Upgrade Core Training

March 14-15 | Home Energy Score Boot Camp (Santa Maria)

April 2-3 | Advanced Technical Training
May 7-8 | Advanced Technical Training
June 4-5 | Advanced Technical Training
July 9-10 | Advanced Technical Training
Sept. 17-18 | Advanced Technical Training

Coming soon: HPHI (High Performance HVAC Install) Training, Duct Leakage to Outside Testing Training

*Note: For contractors who live a considerable distance away from the Stockton training center, we will offer to move a Home Upgrade Core or Advanced Technical Training location if a group of 8 or more forms and will commit to one of the above dates in their area (for example, Bakersfield or Fresno).

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