Effective Communication for Home Performance Contractors

Build It Green’s latest tips to help you spend less time on go-backs and remediating problems, so you can spend more time selling and installing new jobs.

Consistent, effective communication with customers before, during, and after a home performance installation is vital to any thriving contracting business. The satisfaction of your client base determines the capacity for your success and growth. Your profit is directly tied to your customer’s advocacy. Excellence in communication is a non-negotiable value. Build It Green is committed to providing ongoing mentoring and training for all our partners and clients participating in the Home Upgrade Program. We’ve compiled a few helpful communication tips contractors can utilize specifically for Home Upgrade Program jobs.

Root Your Communication in Core Values

Excellence in communication is a result of a professional culture (your business) with a strong set of core values. Each home performance contractor should have a set of core values that shape and guide communication with your staff and clients. These values will differ from business to business, but should be agreed upon, written down, and posted for reference.

Examples of core values may include:

  1. Quality: We will exceed customer expectations and not merely meet them.
  2. Innovation: We will be known for cutting-edge methods and product delivery. We consider ourselves leaders in this industry and commit to consistently training, researching, and implementing to stay at the forefront of home performance.
  3. Accountability: We will hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism in attitude and execution from top to bottom.
  4. Relationships: We will treat one another and our clients with honesty, respect, and integrity in word and action.
  5. Sustainability: We consider the health of our customers and our environment of utmost importance. As such, we are committed to supplying the latest in eco-friendly, efficient equipment, and service.

5 Characteristics of Effective Communication

Build It Green has identified five key characteristics of effective communication based upon our customer satisfaction scoring.

Successful home performance contractors:

  1. Educate the homeowner/customer on general energy efficiency & health and safety.
  2. Respond quickly to customer questions and needs (preferably by appointment or over the phone).
  3. Make sure their customers completely understand the work they are recommending and performing in their homes.
  4. Set expectations and follow up regularly (more than once) with their customer after the installation is done to ensure complete satisfaction and safety.
  5. Communicate all changes to their customer regardless if the change may improve the energy savings.

Customers are more likely to recommend businesses to their friends and family members if they experience direct, consistent, and honest communication from home performance companies. Even when the job encounters changes and/or delays, customers prefer to be given details, solutions, and confident assurance that their home, their money, and their time are in good hands with your business. Communicate often, communicate clearly, and communicate honestly.

7-Step Communication Process for Your Team

An example of a successful communication process for home performance work may include:

  1. Lead technician checks in with the homeowner on day 1 of installation to discuss the flow of work for the project and goes over a timeline for completion.
  2. Lead technician checks in with the homeowner on a day-to-day basis to discuss the work being performed that day and communicates any adjustments to the timeline for completion.
  3. Install team all introduces themselves to the homeowner on day 1 of installation. This creates a more personal experience and ensures the homeowner feels safe and valued as a customer.
  4. When all work is complete, lead technician completes “walk through” with the homeowner carefully explaining what was done and how this impacts comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.
  5. A follow-up call is made one week after installation is complete by the lead technician. The purpose of this call is to ensure equipment is working and homeowner is satisfied with the initial performance and comfort of the home.
  6. A follow-up call is made 14 days after installation is complete by an administrative staff member to ensure ongoing satisfaction.
  7. Maintenance inspections are performed by the lead technician on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

Excellent communication with your customers requires consistent practice, evaluation, and adjustment. Get to know your customers. Ask them questions about their homes and families. Find out what they want, what they need, and what they like. Use this information to tailor your communication for an extraordinary customer experience. Your customer is your advocate, give them an incredible story to share!