High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) Initiative

Initiative Description

The High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) Initiative seeks to assess the opportunity of training and rewarding participating contractors to perform superior quality HVAC installations under the Home Upgrade program. HPHI yields increased energy savings benefits and enhanced comfort for customers, typically subject to higher costs than traditional HVAC installations. HPHI improves the existing Home Upgrade Program offering for HVAC customers who see value in and can afford additional installation costs.

Goal: Optimize HVAC System Design and Installation

The prescribed approach is to first maximize shell improvements (air sealing and insulation), then design a more efficient HVAC and duct system, and finish by measuring and achieving system performance targets. Additionally, mechanical ventilation may be added if needed.

Proof of Concept – The Demonstration Period

From March 2016 to March 2017, PG&E’s expert trainers will be working closely with three high volume Advanced Home Upgrade contractors – A-1 Guaranteed Heating and Air Conditioning, Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning, and Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning – to test the viability of the HPHI performance targets, data collection methods and forms, and develop and refine the HPHI training approach and curriculum. At the end of the pilot, PG&E will assess whether and when to roll out the offering to all Advanced Home Upgrade (AHU) program contractors, likely early 2017.

Full Program Launch and Participation

Once launched, participation in the Initiative will be voluntary. All AHU participating contractors are eligible to participate. Contractors who participate will receive introductory training including enhanced site mentoring. Participating contractors must collect performance data on each HPHI job during final HVAC system commissioning using the program data collection forms and submit that data to Build It Green for desktop review. Build It Green will also perform enhanced job performance field testing to determine whether the high performance HVAC installation performance targets have been met.

Contractor and Customer Benefits

Contractors who meet the installation performance targets on 10% or more of their AHU jobs (5 jobs minimum) can advertise to customers that they are capable of meeting PG&E’s High Performance HVAC Installation requirements. This will help distinguish their company’s services in the marketplace. Residential customers who seek higher energy and cost savings and increased comfort in their homes typically experience greater satisfaction.

Draft Program Documentation

Measuring Equipment and Protocols

Fill In (Data Collection) Form

EXAMPLE Fill In (Data Collection) Form

Retrofit Performance Levels for HP HVAC Installation