Marketing Best Practices

Marketing Best Practices_medRead these 7 insightful articles from the Energy Matters blog of home performance expert Mike Rogers


1. Your Home Performance Marketing Plan
I get this question all the time: “What is the most effective marketing?” Contractors are rarely satisfied with my answers to this, which include “Your most effective marketing is what works best for you.” Read More >


2. Some Marketing “Don’ts” For Home Performance Contractors
Don’t assume your “old” marketing still works. What worked yesterday might not work today. You need to track and evaluate. If it’s not helping generate leads (or otherwise helping your brand image or your sales), stop! Read More >


3. Are Existing Customers YOUR Best Source of Business?

Successful contractors will tell you that referrals are a huge driver in their business. The best customer should be the one you have already. And yet, too many contractors ignore current and past customers both as a source of additional business and a source of referrals.
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4. Improving Online Lead Generation: 6 Simple Things

Small business marketing these days is in a constant state of upheaval. The old ways that contracting businesses drove leads–such as the Yellow Pages or Direct Mail–are no longer enough to drive the bulk of your sales. As people looking to find information about energy efficiency related contractors turn increasingly to the web and social media, a strong online presence is critically important to your business success. Read More >


5. The Gas Pump Pitch
The gas pump pitch is an excellent marketing tool in which you tell your story in 30-60 seconds. You’ll find it is very useful to have in your tool belt, whether you’re talking to potential customers (anyone who owns a home in your service territory!), vendors, and potential partners.
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6. Guerrilla Marketing in Home Performance

Guerrilla Marketing, a concept I first discovered in a book by Jay Conrad Levinson, a book that I’ve been recommending for years. I think its emphasis on low-cost and unconventional ways to communicate are more relevant than ever. Read More >


7. Your Marketing Worked. You Got the Phone Call. Now What?
You need to turn that call into an appointment, and the appointment into the sale. Soon, a lot will hinge on that sale, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This phone call is the most important thing going on with that customer right now. Read More >