Home Upgrade Pathway to be Discontinued in 2018

The Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade program is being simplified for 2018: The Home Upgrade pathway (formerly known as the “Basic” pathway) is being discontinued. The Advanced Home Upgrade pathway will continue and become the program’s primary offering.

Build It Green (BIG) and PG&E encourage all Home Upgrade contractors to offer the deeper Advanced Home Upgrade pathway to your customers— for up to $5,500 in incentives. BIG can assist your company with the training and support necessary to make this transition.

2018 Timeline

Build It Green and PG&E will ensure that you have adequate time to adjust your business to this program change and to complete all Home Upgrade/Basic pathway jobs in your pipeline.

  • April 30: Last day to submit all HU pathway jobs: Between now and April 30, you should complete all sales negotiations for jobs involving HU incentives.
  • June 15: Last day to approve HU pathway jobs: Between April 30 and June 15, all desktop reviews, corrections, and FQCs will take place. Applications not approved by June 15 will be canceled.
  • June 30: HU pathway officially discontinued: PG&E will process final payments and complete CIP inspections.

Why Is Home Upgrade Changing?

Home Upgrade is evolving to more strongly emphasize comprehensive home energy retrofits that provide deepest energy savings and greatest value to customers. The Advanced Home Upgrade pathway typically delivers deeper and more cost-effective energy savings than the Home Upgrade/Basic pathway.

Overall, Home Upgrade has been a strong success, providing energy upgrades to thousands of of homes and creating consumer demand for home performance services. As a Participating Contractor, your business has played a key role in that success! But moving forward, programs like Home Upgrade must become more cost-effective—producing more energy savings per rebate dollar—in order for PG&E to support the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) goal to reduce energy consumption in existing homes by 40%.

Migrating to the Advanced Home Upgrade Pathway

One of Home Upgrade’s core goals has always been to create consumer demand for home performance services and to help contractors like you grow your business. That remains a core focus moving forward, and Build It Green will continue to provide support, training, and business opportunities.

In particular, BIG can help you transition to the Advanced Home Upgrade pathway. This incentive offering—based on a customized package of upgrades tailored to the needs of your customers—provides the largest rebate amounts, deepest energy savings, and greatest comfort. With each Advanced Home Upgrade job, you’ll be providing quality work for happier customers. Contact your Build It Green account representative to discuss how to get started.

To all Participating Contractors: Thank you for your hard work and continued partnership in the growing Home Upgrade program—and growing the home performance industry.