Reasons to Participate

7 Reasons to Participate_medContractors nationwide are moving into the home performance field to grow their revenue and land jobs with bigger profit margins — Advanced Home Upgrade helps you make this strategy a successful part of your business model. 

  1. Differentiate your business
    Gain the credibility of being a Participating Contractor in a well-known and respected statewide program. Offering expanded home performance services sets you apart from other contractors who only handle insulation or HVAC.
  2. Compete on quality, not price
    Win jobs based on the excellent value proposition of your work: You’ll give clients a more comfortable home and save them money long-term.
  3. Land bigger jobs with bigger profit margins
    With program incentives and a whole-house approach, you can sell larger jobs with higher profit margins. For customers, the incentives offset higher costs – a win-win for everyone.
  4. Reduce seasonality
    Customers have comfort issues year-round, so you will get more jobs during the slow times or between usual HVAC repair seasons.
  5. Reduce customer callbacks
    A whole-house approach gives you more options to solve customers’ problems. Following industry best practices and using durable, high-quality materials will yield more comfortable, efficient homes. That translates to more satisfied customers, fewer callbacks, and more referrals.
  6. Grow your business, build skills
    You’ll be provided with free training on how to market your services and grow your business, as well as technical training to teach your employees how to improve safety and job quality.
  7. Access support when you need it
    Our team is here via phone or email to provide support and help you succeed, whether you have a technical question or need assistance with an application.

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