New Portal Live; Job Submission Videos Available

Emily Beierle May 3, 2019

In order to help you navigate the new portal, we’ll be posting tutorials walking you through the submission process.

The 2019 Job Submission Guide is available as a resource in the Document Library under Submitting Jobs.

Your account manager will also be scheduling time to go through the new portal and answer any questions you have. Once you’ve been given access, you can start submitting jobs at

Additional resources will be posted to the Library, so check back!

First up: Creating a Pre-Install Application.

Please check back over the next few weeks for any updates or additional submission videos. Thanks!

About the Author

Emily Beierle

Emily Beierle-O'Brien is a Program Management Associate at Build It Green and works closely with the Home Upgrade Program to ensure quality and accuracy within the program implementation. She is passionate about green building and sustainable living.

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