Post-Install Monitoring with OpenEE

In order to build a more effective program, we are about to begin requiring post-install data sharing on all AHU projects. This will allow us to pave the road for the eventual transition of Advanced Home Upgrade to a Pay for Performance delivery model.

We’ve started walking contractors through getting customers to share data using a “Green Button” link and how to use the OpenEE dashboards to see how your installations are performing over the long term. Contact us if you want to speed up your company’s onboarding.

Data sharing will be required as of August 1, 2018, we suggest you add the data sharing component into your customer SOW immediately.

Data sharing instructions:

There are two ways to initiate the data share, either by sending an email link or having the customer sign into their PG&E account and initiate the share that way. Not all customers have registered at yet, and they will need to do so in order to share their data.

Get the email link which can be used to initiate the Share My Data process by emailing it to the customer.

Download and print the customer hand-out PDF, which has instructions the customer can use to activate their data sharing with Build It Green.

What this does for you the contractor:

  • Contractors who work with Build it Green will finally be able to see the savings associated with their projects and be recognized for their quality work
  • By better understanding how different measures perform, contractors will be able to use those results to deliver better savings on future projects

What this does for your customer:

  • Data sharing with us offers an approved way for Build It Green to securely request energy usage data needed to calculate the energy savings of completed home energy retrofits
  • For the first time, we will be able to measure the actual energy savings of recently installed efficiency projects. Gathering this information will help us target incentives and deliver better savings for less money

How to sell-in and answer customer questions:

  • Who can view their meter data? The contractor, Build It Green (for verification and analysis), and OpenEE who created the dashboard
  • Is the data private beyond that? Absolutely, all PII data (Personally Identifiable Information) is kept confidential as specified by our terms of agreement with PG&E
  • Is this really a requirement? Yes, data sharing is required for participation in both Cool Savers and Advanced Home Upgrade. Validating the actual earned savings from upgrade jobs is the future for energy efficiency programs going forward
  • Can I end data sharing once the participation period is over? Yes, when the two year participation period is complete you may terminate the data share through your account
  • What happens if I terminate the data share early? You’ll be removed from other bonus incentive pools on Cool Savers and potential bonus pools on Advanced Home Upgrade (not in place yet)

Selling in:

  • Your meter data is secure and only viewed by program implementers who’ve signed agreements to protect customer data
  • Meter data allows us to track the actual savings against projected savings. We will be able to see if your upgrades are performing the way we expected them to
  • We will see alerts when upgrades aren’t performing and be able to check why, potentially saving you more money
  • You’ll know that you got the performance that you expected and paid for