Raters are Becoming… “Independent Building Analysts”

Emily Beierle January 14, 2019

A change to the Participating Rater Pathway

What will happen:
The Participating Raters pathway will have a new name: “Participating Independent Building Analysts”

When it will happen:
When the new portal rolls out, estimated for the end of February or March.

What is the new criteria for this participation pathway?

What role does an “Independent Building Analyst” fill?
We see two needs within the program that will be met by this new pathway. “Independent Building Analysts” can be hired by:

  1. Customers who wish to have an independent energy audit conducted by someone who is not in a position to sell them an upgrade or any other services
  2. Participating Contractors who wish to hire outside suppliers to handle completing combustion appliance safety (CAS) testing, whole house diagnostic assessments, energy modeling, and job submissions testing and modeling for their jobs instead of having in-house staff

Why is this change being made?

  • Originally, the “Participating Rater” pathway was designed to provide a way for Raters to manage project submissions under their own Portal account, in collaboration with Participating Contractors performing installation. This process has been under-utilized and has proven unnecessarily complex in terms of project tracking (QA, QC, etc.)
  • Nearly all CAS and diagnostic assessments, as well as energy-modeling services, are subcontracted to BPI-BA service providers or HERS II Raters that are also BPI-BAs, using the Participating Contractor’s account login to process incentive application submissions
  • The name “Participating Rater” is not customer friendly and does not adequately explain to the customer why they would need to hire an independent service instead of a contractor
  • HERS (II) Rating are not required for use in the Program. While we encourage comprehensive training and certifications to inform assessment of energy efficiency upgrade opportunities, we no longer need to require a certification to support Participating Rater pathway criteria that no longer exists
  • Requiring HERS (II) certification is an unnecessary barrier to entry for individuals and companies who can otherwise provide analyst services to the Program
  • We have required insurance proof, participation agreements, and background check confirmations from Participating Raters but have been leaving these verifications up to Participating Contractors when they subcontract with an outside BPI analyst. This makes it difficult to track for verification purposes and needs to be extended to all participating service providers to better ensure that anyone performing CAS testing and job submittal within our system has met (and continues to meet) all Program requirements

About the Author

Emily Beierle

Emily Beierle-O'Brien is a Program Management Associate at Build It Green and works closely with the Home Upgrade Program to ensure quality and accuracy within the program implementation. She is passionate about green building and sustainable living.

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