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Program update announcement

New Comfortable Home Rebates Program

By now, you’ve probably heard that the AC Quality Care and Advanced Home Upgrade Programs have been combined into a new Program: Comfortable Home Rebates. While nothing changed for contractors and customers during the transition, there are some important updates coming. Please be sure to check your email for updates or check our ACQC or […]

Right Sizing Your Returns

Our database updates are complete, and you may now upload jobs that have new measures or are utilizing the adaptability between shell/HVAC for certain measures. Look for an updated Job Submission Webinar in the next two weeks, as well as updated Installation Specifications. This month, we’d like to take a deeper diver into one of […]

Why Advertising is Important During HVAC Slow Seasons

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming that HVAC slow seasons are times when you should lower or eliminate your marketing budget. You need to stay top-of-mind with your customers all year long, irrespective of the season. To do this, you need to keep your advertising efforts consistent throughout the year […]

HPHI (Ultimate Comfort) Brochure Available

We now have a High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) customer brochure available. Contractors performing HPHI installations can provide the brochure to customers to help them understand the benefits of a properly-sized system. Contact your Account Manager to get your customized HPHI brochures today! Not yet able to offer HPHI Installations? Learn more about offering HPHI […]

Customer Service Skills Needed by HVAC Technicians

The BLS reports that employers sometimes prefer candidates with technical training to those with no secondary education. In addition to having substantial technical expertise, HVAC technicians should also possess good customer service skills. Here are some customer service tips for HVAC techs entering the field. Learn to Listen Listening to customers about the specific issues […]

High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) Kicker

Interested in adding the High Performance HVAC Installation (HPHI) kicker to your Home Upgrade jobs? HPHI yields increased energy savings benefits and enhanced comfort for customers. You can read more about the HPHI Initiative, watch Dan Perunko’s presentation, and apply for training on our website here.

Winter Refrigerant Charge Verification for Final Permits

To comply with SB 1414, Home Upgrade participating contractors must upload a copy of the signed-off permit after final inspection for jobs with air conditioners and heat pumps. The requirement may impact the typical job completion process for some of you, as standard refrigerant charge verification cannot be completed if the ambient outdoor temperature is […]

Permit Closure Requirements for All AC and Heat Pump Installations

A new law, SB1414, requires PG&E to collect proof of permit closure before paying energy efficiency rebates or incentives for central air conditioning or heat pumps and their related fans beginning January 1, 2017. Why Does This Matter to Me? Customers already self-certify that their projects comply with all applicable permitting requirements and that they […]